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My art reveals the hidden beauty of nature, reimagined in bold, bright colors. My work begins with my connection to the living world around me: flora, fauna, and landscape. I depict these natural forms and patterns as vibrant, organic shapes on a stark ground to convey the intense light of nature, using color gradients to amplify their vitality. The interplay of high-contrast colors — and the interaction between positive and negative shapes — produce a glowing effect. I hope to use these transformations to bring a sense of beauty, joy and awe to the viewer.


Travel has been a primary source of inspiration for me, and I’ve set foot on every continent but Antarctica. My observations on wilderness and wildlife on these voyages influence my work’s vivid colors and striking forms. I have a particular interest in plants and landscapes from the deserts, tropics, and the Arctic, and animals from Africa.


I use photographs of fauna and landscapes as source materials, including my own travel photos as well as found imagery. By simplifying and stylizing what I see, I  transform the camouflage stripes of the African zebra; the melting glaciers of Iceland; the windswept Brazilian dune lagoons; and the wild bird-of-paradise flowers that grew around my childhood home in Los Angeles.


My interactions with nature have led to a growing focus on the environment. My goal is to share the vital notion that nature is beautiful but fragile—it needs our care.



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